Unfinished wooden circle blank, cut from 1/2" birch that can be stained or painted. Many sizes available! Looking for a specific size? Please contact for a custom quote - we can cut circles up to 30" in diameter. Looking for thicker material, or MDF - please see our other listings.


Circle blanks are not cut from fancy hardwoods that tend to increase cost. I decided to offer blanks that would be affordable, yet durable!


My circle blanks are cut from a Canadian sourced wood that is well-suited for crafting. The wood is untreated, so if you plan on using outside, I would suggest painting it or using a wood sealer. You can dress these up with vinyl or hand letter it to use in wreaths or order the bigger size circles and make a door hanger. Especially cute for the holidays! Can be used for so many crafts & half the work has been done for you!

Unfinished 1/2" thick Birch Circle Blanks