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So what a year? Am I right?

It has been a while since we've written a blog. Over a year in fact. Things got busy, life got in the way, and overall, what was the blog doing for us anyway? In business, there are a million little decisions every day. You need to pick and choose your time wisely, make time for things that are important, and then, of course, rest. Ah yes, rest is a thing you must do! For the most part, the day starts off the same, full of hope and possibilities with a list a mile long, we are all determined to get through. We too have the routines - yes, morning routines, 'done by one' routine', millionaire mindset routines, the list of routines is endless too. Yet, daily by 3-4-5pm, the inevitable dread sinks in. "I'm not going to get everything done!"...and self-doubt sinks in, the promise to never make such a long list again, and of course, the horrible negativity that needs to be pushed aside to remotely get that one - more -thing - done so not to feel like a complete failure. But really? Who's monitoring you? Who's double-checking that list and calling YOU out on it? Just you... and maybe a customer or two who if given a nicely worded email letting them know you are bogged down a bit would understand. Well maybe.

This past year has been a crazy challenge. When COVID hit, we were a few of the lucky ones unaffected by lockdown layoffs. Heidi remained at TCT busier than ever with the increased use of trails during the lockdown, and Chelsea is one of those brave souls working at Fortinos as an Essential worker. The rest of the family wasn't so lucky, and the instant stress was overwhelming as one by one they all were laid off. Faster forward to now, a few are again working & doing well, a few focused on schooling and upgrading skills, and others still looking for what’s next. All of us helping each other in ways to make this period in our lives manageable. But hey – we are living through history – a little too much history for my liking – but oh! The stories we will have to tell. The best one of all is that we not only survived but strived. We will all look back and be amazed, be grateful, and hopefully never again take for granted all that we have. Such as being able to design our lives the way we want, which is the greatest freedom of all.

As for business, well we pivoted. Initially – our first thought was we would just shut down until further notice. But then with the majority of the family laid off, panic sank in and the need to ‘figure it all out took over. ‘Think Heidi think’ the little voice said ‘you have to take care of them all – that’s what Mom’s do!’. And so we did. By no means was it easy. The V-shape economic recovery from the pandemic didn’t happen. The stop and go, with endless uncertainties with the global supply chain affected us all. To this day, we are still struggling to obtain the materials we need in a timely fashion. Heaven helps us if we need something special that comes from overseas – well that adds a month in an instant. All in all, however, we’ve been just fine. Great in fact with business doubling this past year. It is true – when times get tough, the tough get going. Hustle and determination saw us through, along with living each day in gratitude. Grateful for each sale, each customer, each perfect piece of wood, each supplier that worked equally as hard as we did, each family member who did what it took to get it all done. For every tear, for every frustration, for the days we all felt like giving up – to know we all got through this together – it is all worth it.

Now excuse me, but I gotta get back to the other things on my list! 😉

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