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Hello 2018, Ours to Create!

Laser Cut Lettering

What a wonderful start it has been. Majopage finished off 2017 with record sales, making new friends, hosting DIY workshops, creating collaborations with other local, talented makers and introducing laser cut services.

It has been exciting to say the least, but also has given new enthusiasm as 2018 looks to be another amazing year, given its great start.

In business, one can never stay still. It is easy to get comfortable, especially when there is a design that sells well.

For MJPG, the Nana Papa sign proves to be again another best seller this past Holidays season, where over 150 were made in the month of November. That is a lot of hand painting.

However, we know we can't rest there. Adding another service such as the laser cutting, it not only provides us with a new avenue of creativity but also engages customers one more time. How many signs can one person need? Am I right?... we don't think so, but we are bias! :)

We are also having a blast in our new Workshops! Hosting them currently in Dundas, Ontario - these monthly get-togethers have us meeting some wonderful, creative people. Either ccopying the sample on display, or taking the lead and making their own, clients are making some amazing signs for their home. Just before Christmas, we held a Make One Give One workshop, where everyone made two beautiful, personalized signs. Perfect for Holiday gift giving, with a little something for yourself. It was a great workshop. Here are some of the final results.

Do you have a suggestion for a workshop you would like to attend? Interested in hosting your own private party? Contact us - we would love to hear from you!

In coming months, there will be the addition of DIY videos, behind the scenes sneak peaks and a total webpage overhaul. Ordering and registering for workshops will become so much easier. Our new Web guru is just getting started. Also you will be meeting the team that makes this all happen, hear of where you can come and meet us in person, and see new designs as they are released. If the stars align, there are plans to purchase a commercial property where we can host workshops on a regular basis, as well have retail space. The list goes on and on, ideas are never the problem. Only finding time is. We are over the moon excited with the goals we have set for ourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you, on how we can be of better service - providing classes you want to attend, videos you want to see and design you want to purchase.

Drop us a line at info@majopagecreative.com.

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