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Maker`s Life in August

It is the heat of summer. Temperatures are hitting 30C plus, with tropical thunderstorms everyday. It is hard to redirect thoughts to Fall and of course Christmas. But that is a makers life, future planning & prepping for the upcoming change of seasons. Many wonderful ideas are being sketches & discussed including that of a new craft show display. Gone will be the mediocure table, with clumbsy wood signs on crocked props, crowded visuals, mass of product on such a little space. Less it more. It doesn`t mean that less has to look like less. New will be wall displays, cute walk up counter, and lots of colour. If you would like to see what we are talking about, join us at the Etsy Made in Canada Hamilton show happening September 23 - Lincoln Alexander Centre. Free tickets will be available shortly to our local followers. Say tuned for details. Til then, enjoy these lazy days of summer - for soon fall will be upon us.

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